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Regular income with our Net Guarantee

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We are the only company to guarantee you a monthly income!

What is a Net Guarantee?

Since we work on your behalf, it’s in our interest to make sure your property earns as much as possible—the more you earn, the more we do too, as we work on a small percentage. We want you to get the best rate, whether it’s the high or low season.

A net guarantee simply means that in a worst case scenario, for example a change in the market you still get a fixed amount of money, no matter what! When you start your contract with us, we promise your property will earn a certain amount. If it doesn’t, we’ll pay the difference!

How Does It Work?

When you first meet with us, we decide on a minimum amount you should earn from your property. This depends on the style and location of your property and how much it might earn in rent. This is just a safety net to give you peace of mind. As mentioned before our earnings are linked to yours We want you to earn as much as possible, no matter the season or financial climate. 

What Does That Mean for Me?

You can relax knowing that your property will generate a set amount throughout the year, even in the worst financial climate if your property wasn’t rented out at times. 

We make sure that doesn’t happen, we offer a Net Guarantee  as a form of commitment to you. Our earnings are tied to yours, the more you earn the more we earn. 

Is There a Catch?

No catch. We’re committed to helping you get the best price for your property. You can see all the booking details through your personal portal, showing how much and how often your property is rented. It’s all about transparency and working together to maximise your earnings, and building a great working relationship together. 

Regular income with our Net Guarantee

Regular income with our Net GuaranteeTransparent Financial Assurance:

Inter Property Phuket stands behind its commitment to transparency by offering a Net Guarantee, ensuring clarity in all financial transactions related to your property management.

Regular income with our Net GuaranteePredictable Returns:

With our Net Guarantee, property owners can experience peace of mind, knowing that they can anticipate and rely on consistent returns from their investments without hidden fees or surprises.

Regular income with our Net GuaranteeRisk Mitigation:

We prioritize risk mitigation by providing a Net Guarantee, assuring property owners that unforeseen circumstances won’t compromise their financial expectations. Our commitment is to shield our clients from financial uncertainties.

Regular income with our Net GuaranteeTailored Property Management:

Our Net Guarantee is an integral part of our client-centric approach, designed to tailor our property management services to meet your unique needs. We believe in aligning our goals with yours to create a mutually beneficial and secure partnership.

Why offer a Net guarentee?

Here what Karl, Company Director and Founder has to say...

As the founder of Inter Property Phuket, I introduced the net guarantee after observing other companies presenting inflated figures without substantial backing.



My aim has always been to install a sense of security among property owners, assuring them of a guaranteed minimum income.



The net guarantee reflects my confidence in the accurate financial projections my company can deliver. With this guarantee, owners can count on a minimum income, with the potential for even greater returns.


This approach brings peace of mind to our customers, offering a dependable income comparable to that of a 12-month contract. Moreover, the net guarantee assures owners that they will receive returns surpassing those of a standard 12-month contract, setting Inter Property Phuket apart from conventional industry practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our Net Guarantee encompasses a transparent assurance on financial returns, ensuring that you receive the agreed-upon income from your property investment after deducting any applicable fees. It provides clarity and predictability in your returns.

A: The net income is calculated by deducting all applicable expenses and fees from the gross income generated by your property. We are committed to transparency, and there are no hidden fees. Our goal is to provide you with a clear and accurate representation of your property’s financial performance.

A: Our Net Guarantee is designed to shield you from such fluctuations. In the event of a temporary decline in rental income or unexpected expenses, we absorb the impact, ensuring that you still receive the guaranteed net income. This provides peace of mind and financial stability.

A: You will typically receive your net income on a regular schedule agreed upon in our contract, providing a predictable stream of returns. Additionally, we provide detailed financial reports outlining income, expenses, and the net amount, ensuring complete transparency and accountability in our financial management.

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