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Our commitment extends beyond managing your property; we take pride in gardening and maintenance, curating exquisite gardens that elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space. Our gardening services span from designing lush landscapes to implementing sustainable horticultural practices, creating outdoor sanctuaries tailored to your desires. Whether you envision a tropical paradise or a modern oasis, our skilled gardening and maintenance team is dedicated to bringing your garden dreams to life, ensuring it flourishes with vibrancy and charm throughout the year.

Complementing our gardening and maintenance expertise, Inter property Phuket’s property maintenance services provide a holistic solution to keep every aspect of your property in impeccable condition. From routine lawn care and irrigation system management to seasonal cleanups and exterior maintenance, we meticulously address the diverse needs of your property. Our integrated approach ensures that the allure of your flourishing garden harmoniously coexists with the functionality of a well-maintained property. Entrust your property to Inter property Phuket, where excellence in property management meets the artistry of gardening for a truly elevated living experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our gardening services are customized to align with your unique vision and property characteristics. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their preferences, ensuring the garden design, plant choices, and maintenance practices are tailored to enhance the specific charm of each property.

A: Interproperty Phuket is committed to sustainable horticultural practices. We implement eco-friendly solutions, such as water-efficient irrigation systems, organic fertilizers, and plant choices that thrive in the local climate. Our goal is to create beautiful gardens while minimizing environmental impact.


  • Answer: Our villa manager proactively monitors your property, identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate. This approach ensures that your villa is well-maintained and that problems are addressed before they become major concerns.
  • Answer: Your villa manager efficiently manages routine maintenance tasks by coordinating with trusted service providers. This includes scheduling regular upkeep and overseeing repairs to ensure your property remains in optimal condition.
  • Answer: Yes, our 24/7 villa manager service is designed to cater to a variety of properties, including luxury villas and hotels. Regardless of the property type, our dedicated manager ensures top-notch service and support around the clock.

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