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House Keeping and Cleaning: We pride ourselfs on our standards

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Ensuring the standards of your Villa

At Inter Property Phuket Villas Management Service, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled house keeping and cleaning services, ensuring your luxury villa in Phuket maintains the highest standards. Our dedicated team of skilled and meticulous cleaners understands the importance of a pristine living space, going above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Whether you own a contemporary beachfront villa or a traditional Thai-style retreat, our house keeping and cleaning services are tailored to meet the unique demands of each property, promising a spotless and inviting environment for both residents and guests.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond surface cleaning, delving into a comprehensive approach that covers every nook and cranny of your property. From thorough dusting and vacuuming to polishing surfaces and sanitizing high-touch areas, we prioritize hygiene without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of your villa. Inter property Phuket Villas Management Service is dedicated to providing a seamless and worry-free experience, allowing you to relish the beauty of your home without the hassle of maintenance. Trust us to safeguard the cleanliness and allure of your Phuket villa, ensuring it remains a sanctuary of relaxation and luxury for all who enter its doors.

Our House Keeping Schedule Includes

Cleaning Services Daily Cleaning Routine:

Ensure your space stays pristine daily with focused attention on high-traffic areas. Perform sweeping and mopping, sanitize work surfaces and commonly touched items, empty trash bins, and dust surfaces, including tabletops and electronics.

Cleaning ServicesWeekly Deep Cleaning:

Maintain a thorough clean with weekly tasks such as vacuuming carpets, disinfecting bathroom fixtures, wiping down kitchen appliances, and changing bed linens for a fresh and inviting bedroom.

Cleaning ServicesMonthly Maintenance Tasks:

Keep your property in top shape with monthly tasks like polishing hard floors, deep cleaning kitchen surfaces, ensuring streak-free windows and mirrors, and inspecting and dusting air vents for optimal indoor air quality.

Cleaning ServicesSeasonal Cleaning Checklist:

Adapt your cleaning routine seasonally by rotating and cleaning storage spaces, performing outdoor maintenance, inspecting and cleaning light fixtures, and conducting a thorough inspection for any necessary repairs. These seasonal adjustments will help keep your space consistently organised and inviting.



Frequently Asked Questions

A: Quality control is a top priority for Interproperty Phuket. We implement regular inspections and feedback mechanisms to ensure that the cleaning services meet your expectations. Additionally, we encourage open communication, allowing you to provide feedback or request adjustments to the cleaning routine, ensuring your villa is cared for according to your standards.


A: Yes, Interproperty Phuket’s services extend to specialized cleaning requests. Whether you need deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, or specific attention to certain areas, we can customize our cleaning services to match your villa’s requirements and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.


A: Absolutely. Inter Property Phuket specializes in comprehensive property management, including coordinating cleaning services for multiple villas. We streamline the process, ensuring each villa receives the attention it deserves, and customize schedules to accommodate the unique needs of each property under our management.

  • Answer: Your villa manager efficiently manages routine maintenance tasks by coordinating with trusted service providers. This includes scheduling regular upkeep and overseeing repairs to ensure your property remains in optimal condition.

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