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Discovering the Safe Haven of Phuket: Why It’s Safer Than Europe for Expats and Property Investors

Posted by SEOWriter on May 1, 2024

Welcome to the most recent blog article from Inter Property Phuket, the go-to resource for investment and property management in the centre of Phuket, Thailand’s paradise. Today, we’re going to look at an interesting comparison that shows you why Phuket is a safer place to live and invest than a lot of places in Europe.

A Closer Look at Safety and Security:

The Andaman Sea gem of Phuket is well-known for its lively community, laid-back way of life, and—above all—strong safety precautions. Phuket preserves a tranquil atmosphere with a low crime rate that guarantees locals and visitors feel safe at all times, in contrast to other European towns where urban density frequently results in greater crime rates. This sense of security is further reinforced by the Thai government’s proactive attitude to law enforcement and community safety efforts in tourist-heavy locations such as Phuket.

Natural Disaster Resilience:

Phuket is protected from severe natural disasters by its geographic location, even though Europe experiences its fair share of natural disasters, such as earthquakes in Italy and Greece and flooding in Central Europe. Properties in Phuket offer a safer physical investment because the island is located outside of major storm paths and has strict building rules that emphasise catastrophe resilience.

Healthcare Services:

Phuket is excellent in offering first-rate medical care. Numerous globally recognised medical facilities situated on the island are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and manned by multilingual specialists who speak fluent English and other languages. For both residents and foreigners, this calibre of medical care is frequently more economical and available than in many regions of Europe, providing peace of mind.

Economic Stability and Investment Security:

With Phuket at its centre, Thailand has proven to be very resilient economically, remaining stable during periods of financial instability worldwide. Thailand’s strategic economic strategies and expanding industries like real estate and tourism contribute to this stability. In contrast, political unpredictability and economic swings throughout its numerous countries can have a destabilising impact on Europe’s economic environment.

Community and Lifestyle:

Compared to the transient expat communities found in European tourist hubs, Phuket’s expat community is kind and accommodating. Its consistency promotes a feeling of belonging and community. Phuket offers a better quality of life, including dining, entertainment, and domestic services, because living expenses are also substantially lower than in many European cities.

Environmental Quality:

When compared to the industrialised and heavily crowded regions of Europe, Phuket offers purer air and a more pristine natural environment. Phuket is not only a gorgeous area to live, but also a healthier option for long-term resident due to its dedication to preserving its natural landscapes and marine surroundings.

Government Policies and Foreign Relations:

The Thailand Elite Visa programme, which gives long-term residency alternatives, is one of the many incentives that the Thai government offers to foreign investors and expats. This programme stands in stark contrast to the frequently convoluted and onerous immigration laws prevalent in European nations. Living in Phuket is now easier and more safe legally thanks to these policies.


Phuket is a top option for people wishing to live or invest in a place that prioritises safety, community, and quality of life. It’s not only a picture-perfect destination for vacationers. With our unmatched property management services and exclusive Net Guarantee, which provides peace of mind regardless of market conditions, we at Inter Property Phuket are dedicated to assisting you in navigating the growing real estate market here.

Come explore Phuket’s beauty, safety, and financial potential with us, and we’ll help you realise your goal of a safe, tranquil island lifestyle. To find out more about how we can help you on your road to making Phuket your new home or investment destination, visit our website.

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