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Our Business Development Story.

The Roots of Success: Our Early Journey

Inter Property Phuket was established by Karl Freedman and Surangratch Ava Techaisarapong, who both shared a passion for real estate. Karl, a former builder from the UK with a background in sales and property management, was new to Thailand and the real estate scene. He teamed up with Surangratch, whose enthusiasm for the industry drove the partnership forward. Together, they launched Inter Property Phuket with a vision to redefine property management and real estate in Thailand through dedication, expertise and a keen eye for detail. Despite being new to the business, their combined experience and commitment quickly positioned Inter Property Phuket within the first year  as a trusted name in the industry.
From the outset, Inter Property Phuket rapidly gained traction by onboarding key condotel players like Elite Atoll and high-end luxury estates such as The Legend Villa in Phuket. This early momentum, driven by an unwavering attention to detail, quickly placed the company on the radar of top booking platforms like and Airbnb. As recognition grew, so did accolades, with Inter Property Phuket earning prestigious awards, including Airbnb’s coveted “Superhost” status. This success story quickly became known, leading to a uprising of property owners and developers seeking out their unparalleled management services.

The Next Steps:

From Humble Beginnings to a Leading Brand in Property Management

With the influx of business, the team at Inter Property Phuket expanded exponentially. A property manager was brought on board to ensure seamless operations, including guest and platform management. Additionally, a dedicated team of maintenance personnel, administrative staff, and, of course, an accountant was assembled to monitor the flow of income and expenses. These key roles were essential to maintain a smooth operation, especially during the critical first year of any startup. Each team member played a significant part in ensuring Inter Property Phuket’s continued growth and success.

From Bland to Brand!

The Transformation into a recognisable icon.

In early 2024, Inter Property Phuket welcomed Steve as the Marketing & Business Development Manager. He came with over 20 years of experience in design, marketing, and SEO, bringing a wealth of expertise to creatively drive the brand toward new heights. His arrival signalled a shift in the company’s branding strategy, after discussions with both Karl and Ava there was a focus on transforming Inter Properties image from dull and uninspiring to dynamic and memorable. Between Karl, Ava and with Steve’s unique vision and industry knowledge the rebranding journey began.


By the end of January, the company had brainstormed a completely new concept and brand identity. The team collaborated to replace the old Inter Property Phuket image with one that was bold and unique, featuring eye-catching colours and a distinctive logo. The transformation was not just cosmetic; it represented a broader change in how the company positioned itself in the market. 


The new branding rolled out across Phuket, with Karl charging forward! Large billboards sprang up across the island, showcasing the vibrant new look. The opening of a new hyper-modern office in the heart of Patong further signalled the company’s commitment to its updated brand. The trio’s efforts quickly established Inter Property Phuket as the most recognisable and iconic brand in the property management sector in Phuket.

Navigating the Now:

How Inter Property Phuket Leads in Property Management

Inter Property Phuket’s driving force built the company’s success on a few key factors that helped establish it as the leading property management company in Phuket. 

At the heart of these factors is customer service, a cornerstone of their business strategy. The team was dedicated to exceeding client expectations from both sides of the business: whether clients were entrusting their property to Inter Property Phuket or booking one of the company’s managed villas, condos, or resorts. This commitment to unparalleled service sets them apart in a such a competitive market.


Maintaining a personal touch is also crucial. Karl and Ava cultivated strong relationships with their first clients, fostering a sense of trust and reliability. This personal approach has became a fundamental part of the company’s growth. 


Regardless of how large Inter Property Phuket has become, Karl and Ava remain committed to direct contact with every property owner, ensuring a personalized experience. This personal connection created a sense of community and loyalty that resonated with their clients.


Transparency is another essential factor in Inter Property Phuket’s success. The company provide a clear and hassle-free process for property owners to manage their finances without worry. They also offered a better service at a lower rate than their competitors, making them an attractive choice for property management in Phuket.


Steve’s role in marketing and creativity is pivotal in keeping the company at the forefront of the industry. He ensures that Inter Property Phuket’s brand convey a unique identity—what they do, why they are different, and the feelings associated with their properties. The team aimed to create an experience that was reminiscent of stepping into a shiny hotel room for the first time, with crisp white sheets, a bed you sink into, and the simple joy of a perfectly maintained space.


Together, the team continuously brainstorm innovative ideas to keep Inter Property Phuket ahead of the curve. Their relentless focus on customer service, personal relationships, transparency, and creative marketing has driven, and continues to contribute to the company’s growth and has established them as leaders in property management.

Innovating Ahead:

The Future Vision of Inter Property Phuket

Inter Property Phuket continues to go from strength to strength, expanding its operations and staff to meet increasing demand. With plans to open new offices in Koh Samui and Bangkok, the company aims to tap into these thriving property markets, bringing its renowned quality of service to a broader clientele. This expansion will not only increase Inter Property Phuket’s footprint but also enhance its visibility and influence in the property management industry.

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